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The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.

Last Up-Date:   January 13, 2020

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           Soon this website will become the website for

                 Magnum Precision Bullet Werks LLC.

                          The new web address will be:



                 To check out bullets and place orders.

           There will be a next match, BUT NOT IN JANUARY.

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          Matches In The Area:

  • 1st Saturday Defensive Pistol Match, SV Range, Ted Gerzstyn: 520-678-3079
  • 1st Sunday Tucson 3 Gun @ 3 Point Range, Bruce Johnson 520-289-7966
  •  2nd Sat. Sierra Vista Co. AZ Ranger Firearms Qualification. SV Range  Become a Ranger POC: David  Maeding 702-576-6334  "FEW BUT PROUD, THEN AND NOW"
  • 2nd Sunday Douglas 2 Gun, Douglas Range, Bill Wendt 520-249-5964
  • 3rd Sunday SV3Gun Sierra Vista Range, Howard Mangum 520-255-6206
  • Greenlee County 3Gun. Table Top Range, Always on a Saturday. Find them on Facebook @ greenlee county 3 gun for match dates and information.
  • *** FRIDAY 7 June, NIGHT SHOOT @ Greenlee 3GUN

           * Chamber Flags Are MANDATORY for rifle &

              shotgun at the SV3GUN match!

              We will have some if you've forgotten.



          Questions?  text Howard @ 520-255-6206

          *** Please, check your rifle AMMO, No green tip (it   

           may not have green on the tips) or Solid Core Armor

           piercing  ammunition or Tracers that create heat. Streak                 visual ammunition is ok. Advise the RSO your

           shooting them, show him the box.


        ** Check out our Facebook page .


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 2020 Starts  14th year on the world wide  web. Thank You, Everyone who came to visit.  Stop by anytime.